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Talking Bacteria John: Feed Them, Poke Them, and Listen to Them Repeat Your Words

Talking Bacteria John Download: A Fun and Funny Voice Recording App

Do you like to record your voice and play it back in funny ways? Do you enjoy making silly sounds and laughing at yourself? If you answered yes, then you might want to try Talking Bacteria John, a voice recording app that lets you interact with cute and crazy bacteria that repeat your words in a choir. In this article, we will tell you what Talking Bacteria John is, what features it has, how to download and use it, what are its pros and cons, and why you should give it a try.

What is Talking Bacteria John?

Talking Bacteria John is a game app for Android and iOS devices that allows you to record your voice and have it replayed by three blue bacteria named John, John, and John. These bacteria have black eyes, eyebrows, and a giant tooth in the middle of their mouth. They are kind but love to spread germs. They also love doughnuts, aspirin, multiplying, and a good experiment. They have different reactions when you touch them, feed them, or inject them with a syringe. You can also share your recordings with your friends or upload them to YouTube.

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Features of Talking Bacteria John

How to download Talking Bacteria John

Talking Bacteria John is available for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store. You can also download it from other websites like APKCombo or Softonic. However, make sure you download it from a trusted source and scan it for viruses before installing it on your device.

How to use Talking Bacteria John

Talking Bacteria John is very easy to use. All you need is a microphone and a speaker on your device. Here are the steps to use it:

  • Open the app and tap on the start button.

  • Speak into the microphone and wait for the bacteria to repeat your words in a choir.

  • Poke, tickle, or move the bacteria with your finger to see their reactions.

  • Tap on the syringe icon to make them giggle uncontrollably.

  • Tap on the green plus icon to create a pill that kills them if they touch it.

  • Tap on the doughnut icon to make them multiply if they eat it.

  • Tap on the record button to save your recording.

  • Tap on the share button to send your recording to your friends or upload it to YouTube.

Pros and cons of Talking Bacteria John


  • It's free and doesn't require any registration or login.

  • It's fun and funny to hear your voice in a chorus of bacteria.

  • It's creative and interactive as you can play with the bacteria and see their reactions.

  • It's clear and simple to use with an instruction page and icons.

  • It's compatible with most Android and iOS devices.


  • It's limited in functionality without a microphone or a speaker.

  • It's repetitive and boring after a while as there are only three reaction options.

  • It's not very educational or informative as it doesn't teach anything about bacteria or science.

  • It's not very original or unique as there are many similar apps like Talking Tom Cat or Talking Ginger.

  • It's not very realistic or accurate as bacteria don't look or sound like that in real life.

Why you should try Talking Bacteria John

Despite its drawbacks, Talking Bacteria John is still a fun and funny app that can make you laugh and have a good time. Here are some reasons why you should try it:

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